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  1. About GoAnimate
    Discuss about tips and tricks to improve animations. Also the place for other GoAnimate topics.
  2. How do I....?
    Want to know how do you do something on GoAnimate? Check out these threads.
  3. Animation in General
    Promote your latest work, thank your friends, discuss your favorite cartoons and animated films.
  4. Collaborations
    Need help from the community with voice-over, music or graphics, here is the place to ask.
  5. Errors and Bugs
    You found a bug on GoAnimate. You can't seem to find how a feature works. That's the place to talk about it.
  6. Suggestions
    Tell us how we can make GoAnimate better. It can be new characters, new actions, new features, new themes, etc.
  7. Open Forum
    You want to chat about something that does not fit anywhere else? This is the category for you.