6 Very Popular Free Online Ecards, Greeting Cards, Animated Cards & Postcard Websites

greetingcardsOn important occasions where a simple SMS, email (or worse, a Facebook post) just won’t cut it, a greeting card offers a more personal touch. Luckily, online greeting cards have come a long way since the 90s and are infinitely more sophisticated. Here are six of the best sites for static and animated e-cards.



1. Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain is one of the biggest and oldest e-card websites around. It has an enormous range of e-cards for almost any event. Categories include birthday, friendship, congratulations, sympathy, holiday and special occasions.

Talking e-cards can also be found on Blue Mountain. This way, you can personalize a voice message to go with your greeting card. Type in your message, choose a character voice, and you’re away. You can choose to schedule your ecard to be sent at a certain time, and request a confirmation of read receipt.

bluemountain ecards

2. GoAnimate

Videos are a great way to deliver important messages to friends and family. With GoAnimate, you can send video e-cards to loved ones on special occasions, whether it’s a festive holiday greeting, birthday, anniversary or other celebration. Creating your own animation is a simple four-step process. Select your images (choose from the default picture library, or upload your own). Decorate your ecard (you can customize emotions and facial expressions). Choose your message for your characters to speak (type in the words or record a message. Then share your video card!


3. Ojolie

Founded by husband and wife team Frederikke (a Danish artist) and Timothy (a Taiwanese-American IT specialist), Ojolie offers a selection of artistic, hand-painted and carefully crafted animated cards. The level of attention to detail is particularly impressive. There’s a mix of free and premium designs, and a range of design styles from dreamy and painterly to pencil sketches to bold graphics.

When it comes to sending an e-card from Ojolie, you can use the default greeting choice matched to the card, or write your own message. Sending options include a notification once the recipient has viewed it, scheduling to send later, and saving email addresses for future use.

ojolie ecards

moma ecards

4. MOMA e-cards

New York’s famous Museum of Modern Art has a website specifically devoted to e-cards based on artists’ works. If that’s the kind of visual style you like, then you’ll be spoiled for choice. Browse the card collection by occasion (birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc) or by categories like Architecture and Design, Drawings, Films, Sculpture, Photography and Prints. Alternatively, you can browse and search by artist name if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Recipients will be sent a code that they then enter into the website in order to pick up their card.

5. Hallmark

Hallmark dominates the physical card market, but it also offers a range of virtual cards as well. It’s got all the main occasions covered, plus a range of exclusive licensed characters from books, TV shows and films, including Cinderella, Iron Man, Dr. Seuss, Peanuts, and Scooby Doo. You can browse by tone (funny, simple, religious, light-hearted) and rate and review individual cards. Once you’ve found the perfect e-card, you can either send it via email or Facebook.

hallmark cards

6. Fleeting Greeting

Fleeting Greeting’s e-cards all have a certain spirit flowing through them. They’re colorful, cheeky, quirky and above all, have a real sense of fun. With striking designs, great typography and strong graphic elements, they stand out from everything else available online. Given they are the work of a dedicated design studio, that isn’t all that surprising. A few cost a dollar but most are free. As well as email, soon you’ll also be able to post your e-card straight to Facebook and Twitter.

fleetinggreeting cards

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