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Hi and welcome to this video tutorial about GoAnimate’s Quick Video Makers. In this tutorial, we will go through the video creation process in our Quick Video Makers and detail the different elements composing the interface. I’ll use the Space Odyssey Quick Video Maker to demonstrate how it works. Simply click on Make a Short Video to get started.

In our Quick Video Makers, the whole creation process happens on one screen in a succession of steps. The first step gives you an overview of the specific Quick Video Maker you selected. Click Next.

The second step is where you choose the setting for your story. This first one features a spaceship landing and the local folk chatting with the visitor. In the second one, two characters have been left behind on a planet. They discuss their dire situation. Let’s go with this one. Click Next again.

It is now time to select characters. Use the arrows to browse through the ready-made characters available. Let’s pick these two from the blue team and click Next again.

This next step is where you will write your script and spend most of your time. Let’s detail the interface some more. On the left-hand side is a thumbnail showing who will be speaking a specific line. Click on the picture if you wish to switch characters. On the right side, the buttons are used to delete and insert lines.

Let’s now input our dialogue. As I don’t do girls’ voices too well, we’ll use text input for this character. Everything you type in this field will be automatically converted into actual voices using text-to-speech technology. I’ll use the Emotion button to make the character’s facial expression match the line. We’ll select Sad in this case. You can even select different voices to match different languages and character personalities. Let’s update ours to use a British lady.

I’ll hit Enter to add a second dialogue line. For this character, I’ll be using our mic recording feature. Let’s click on the Mic tab. The first time you use this feature, you need to enable it. Click Enable, select Allow, and tick Remember to only have to go through this step once. These are options in your Flash player that have to be enabled to use mic recording. After that, all you need to do is press the Record button, speak your line, and press Stop when you’re done. Let’s do that.

“If only they had partnered me with Sergeant Rose, this day would have been much more enjoyable.” It’s now processing the recording I just made. Done. Let’s press Enter again, and in this case, we would just leave the field blank and update the emotion to Angry Leaving the field blank automatically generates a close-up shot of your character. Now, all we have to do is press the Preview button to generate the movie.

“Well, it’s just you and me, Private.”

“If only they had partnered me with Sergeant Rose, this day would have been much more enjoyable.”

Cool. Now, if you want to change something in your video, simply scroll back up and update things. Let’s quickly change out our setting, choose a different character, and change our third line. We hit Preview again.

“Well, it’s just you and me, Private.”

“If only you had partnered me with Sergeant Rose, this day would have been much more enjoyable.”


Just a few clicks and the result is really quite different. That’s only one of our Quick Video Makers.

Going back to the selection screen, you can see that we have lots of Quick Video Makers, each featuring unique settings and characters. You can feature ninjas, have stories happen at school, in the office, on pirate ships, and even in war zones. So make sure to explore all the options and let them inspire you to tell more stories. Have fun making your own videos. Bye.

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