Writing A Great Script For Your Startup Demo Video

Almost everyone, at some point in their lives, has had to stand in front of a group of their peers and tell them about an idea without boring their audience. It’s called Show and Tell.

Show and Tell is not dissimilar from having a demo video for your startup. You need to explain what something is, what it does, and why it’s useful, while keeping the attention of your audience the entire time. When writing a script for your startup’s demo video, you’re not trying to tell the greatest narrative the world has ever seen. You simply need to show your viewers what your product is all about and tell them why they should care.

Your demo video needs to accomplish two things: it must grab and keep your viewers’ interest, and it must showcase exactly how your startup can help fix a problem they might have.

The anecdotal approach is perfect for many demo videos, since it highlights a problem and a solution.

Google recently posted a great example of this for its Google+ product: a Google employee used his phone to take hundreds of photos of his newborn, but left his phone in a cab. A feature of Google+ meant that his photos were safely stored online.

This ad is a perfect example of how a product can solve a real-life problem. It’s simple, effective, and highlights an important and useful product feature.

Let’s say that your startup helps people manage their contacts across various social networks.  First, detail a familiar problem that your target customer has. In this instance, it could be that they struggle to maintain contact with all their friends and colleagues when their contact details are stretched across different platforms.

Next, you should explain how your company helps them fix that problem. In our example, you would detail how, by connecting all their various social network accounts to your startup’s platform, you’ll be able to send them reminders of upcoming events and remind them to check in with a particular friend if they haven’t done so in a while.

Make sure to use a specific anecdote in your demo video that highlights the problem and the solution. Write your script from the perspective of a character, in this instance, a frustrated individual who struggles to keep up with a distant friend.

Here, you would highlight exactly how your product has helped them to stay connected with that friend by reminding them of an anniversary or a great concert they attended together or when the friend’s birthday is approaching.

Round your script out by reminding the viewer of your company’s name and your slogan, and a call to action. In our example, that would be encouraging them to visit your company’s website to try out your service.

Once you’ve finished your first draft, read through it again and try to add a little humor while removing any unnecessary lines or details. A funny joke can go a long way in capturing your viewers’ attention and getting your point across.

Lastly, make sure to get other people to read your script before you even think about production. Share it with your close friends and family members and get their feedback.

Writing a great script for your startup demo video doesn’t need to be an affair that leaves you tearing your hair out in frustration. Relax. Take your time. Make sure you show and tell exactly what your company does in a succinct way, and you’ll be the talk of the class.

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