Press and Mentions: How To Produce High-Quality eLearning Content With GoAnimate!

CogentysWelcome to our Press And Mentions section, where we’ll show off some of our favorite pieces from around the web that feature GoAnimate out in the wild!

Today we’re pleased to share an interview with our COO, Gary Lipkowitz, on Cogentys’ eLearning TV. Cogentys is a Learning Management System that produces eLearning TV: the only show in the world 100% dedicated to corporate eLearning, Training, and Development.

As the word “TV” implies, this post is a video! Even better, it’s a GoAnimate video!

Here’s one of our favorite quotes:

“Everybody always wants to use more video. They’re trying to get their audiences engaged, trying to get them immersed – that’s sort of the holy grail – and they know video does the trick.”

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