Site Update: Enable Your GoAnimate Videos With Interactivity And Calls-To-Action On Viewbix (VIDEO TUTORIAL)


Now you can enable your GoAnimate videos with Viewbix, a video marketing platform that allows you to add interactivity and calls-to-action for a more engaging user experience across the web and on mobile or social platforms. Add apps to capture email addresses and direct them to your Constant Contact or MailChimp account for email marketing or newsletters, show viewers your Twitter feed, or have a customer call you on Skype with questions – directly from the video! The effortless UI will keep customers happy, engaged, and won’t lose anyone in the vast web since they don’t have to go anywhere.


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Site Update: Export Your GoAnimate Videos To Your Lectora Online Library (VIDEO TUTORIAL)


It’s no secret that eLearning professionals, instructional designers, and trainers all love using video. It can hook a viewer in an intro or drive home an important point, lighten up a difficult-bordering-on-embarrassing topic such as sexual harassment training, or explain a complex topic more easily with animated visuals.

But we know you’re in a rush to produce and publish more, so we’re happy to say the road to getting your videos into your courses just got a whole lot smoother.

Now you can export your GoAnimate videos directly to your Lectora Online library, the leading courseware authoring platform.


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Tutorial: Why You Should Break Up Your Dialogue Audio Files Into Small Pieces Before Importing

Break up image via Shutterstock

Although the size limitation is 15MB for business subscribers, it’s not a good idea to upload a file that big for dialogue in GoAnimate.

At a minimum, you’ll need to break up your audio files into individual lines. That’s because only one character can speak at a time within a scene. But we recommend breaking individual characters’ lines into smaller pieces.

Give the above, your imported dialogue files should never be bigger than 2MB-4MB.

So, why break up your dialogue? Simply put, it will result in a better video. Here’s why:


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Site Update: Introducing ‘Your Video’ Folders For Business Subscribers

Folder image via Shutterstock

If you’re taking advantage of the unlimited video creation that you automatically receive with your subscription, chances are the list of video titles on the “Your Videos” page is getting pretty long. And if your list is long, it’s probably taking you much longer to find the right video than it should.
That’s why we’re introducing folders for business subscribers!

Get the how-to below – and let us know you think.


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Tutorial: How To Make Your Character Lip Sync In The Full Video Maker

Lip sync image by Shutterstock

If you haven’t already tried out the lip sync function, here’s a quick overview of what your options are.

In order to make your character lip sync, first select the scene where you’d like to add the voice. Click on the appropriate character, and then head directly for the ‘voice’ tab on the left hand side of The Stage. This is where the magic happens…

In the Voice Tab there’s a drop down menu with three options for adding a voice into your scene: File Upload, Mic Recording, and Text-To-Voice.

In File Upload, you can upload an audio file to GoAnimate by using the “Import” button in the Full Video Maker studio. Simply hit browse to locate your file, select, and hit “Add Voice.” Your character will now speak its line, and will lip sync.

With Mic Recording, you can record dialogue directly into your GoAnimate video with your microphone.

Or if you’re shy, you can use the Text-To-Voice option. Just type in your dialogue and choose from a variety of voices and accents to help tell your story well.


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3 Great Video Distribution Platforms

Video Distribution

Nothing can build trust in your brand or business like a high quality video. Video has the ability to humanize your business and to make it real to people who are visiting your website for the first time.

With over 400, 000 new videos uploaded everyday, online video is the 21st century way to best communicate your message to your customers. The search engines love video too; on average your video is 53 times more likely to make it to the front page of Google, Yahoo or Bing than a typical blog post.


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