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Redwolf’s Go NAMinate Contest

Check out the contest winners below!

The winners of the NAMinate contest in partnership with RedWolf AirSoft have been selected! Thanks everyone for the huge participation in the contest that has received literally thousands of entries!

Check out the video announcing the winners on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=953lQiKaPcY

And now for the actual winners!

Grand Prize Winner

Redwolf NAMinate “Who is going first” – By: micahsantos

Selected by a panel of Airsoft experts and personalities as well as the founders of RedWolf and GoAnimate; this Grand Prize winner receives a G&P U.S. Navy MK23 MG (Weathered Limited Edition Version) and an Xbox Kinect 360.


Redwolf Choice Prize Winner

Redwolf NAMinate “Rambone head” – By: kesu1997

Selected in house by Redwolf staff, this winner receives an ARES M60 E4 (AEG).


1st Most Viewed Video Prize Winner

RedWolf NAMinate “Airsoft Needs Boobies NAO!” – By: AgentVermont

This video with the most YouTube views at the end of the competition period wins a G&P XM177E1 AEG as well as a KJ M1911 GBB CO2 pistol.


2nd Most Viewed Video Prize Winner

Redwolf NAMinate – “Where’s Scoutthedoggie?” – By: KeithHPOW

This video with the second most YouTube views at the end of the competition period wins a G&P M16A1 AEG.


Extra Stuff For All Prize Winners
All winners additionally get 1 year Gold RedWolf VIP Card (10% off all RedWolf Airsoft purchases), a RedWolf T-Shirt, 1 year GoAnimate Plus (free subscription with an advanced account on Go Animate) and 6,000 GoBucks (for spending on Go Animate account upgrades).

Congrats to everyone! And stay tuned for the next contest coming soon to GoAnimate.

This contest was made to celebrate the March Madness fever. Congrats to the winner!
The contest was about making a music video for one of 15 pre-selected Tribe of Noise songs.

Horror Flick Contest — October 2010
The contest was about making a trailer for a Horror movie.

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Summer Blockbuster Contest — August 2010
The contest was about making an edge of your seat, dramatic, action packed, or hilarious movie trailer for a fictional "Summer Blockbuster".

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Creating for a Cause Contest — May 2010
The "Creating for a Cause" contest has been the most successful contest on GoAnimate so far. There was such a diverse group of charities being promoted. It was truly inspiring.

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Jingle Bell Blowout Contest — December 2009
Create an animation just in time for the white Christmas!!

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Halloween Spooktacular Contest - October 2009
Create an animation to tell a good old fashioned Ghost Story!!

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Interactive Animation Contest - Septemper 2009
Create an animation using our new Interactive Speech Bubbles and you could be a winner!!

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Star Trek Backstories Contest - June 2009
This contest was about who could tell the best story of Nurse Chapel, Mara or Gorn. 4 grand prize winners and 4 first prizes winners have been rewarded for their great creations.

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Mashup Madness Contest - May 2009
This contest was about who could mix all our different licensed themes together. 3 grand prize winners and 5 first prizes winners have been rewarded for their great creations.

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Headswap Contest - April 2009
PRIZE: Orion for free!
Winner: The Bride of Barack-enstein by Retlaw

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Snuggie Commercial Contest - April 2009
PRIZE: Cad for free!
Winner: Snuggies by zooch

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GoAnimate 2008 Animators Contest
1st Price: USD 5,000
Winner: Santa Vs. Frosty by InterrobangUs

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