The biggest loser ruins your meal
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t The biggest loser ruins your meal

By Love Films
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Published on: 11 Feb 2012

2 people stop other families from eating poorly

мȃxiɱum Ƒἶlɱś™ 2012-02-11 16:34:13

LOL! The biggest loosers ruin your meal...thats something from So R@N:DOM! XD Very funny, and keep up the good work, Love Films!

And by the way~ Use commas (,) where you think the character would naturally need to breathe. It helps when you use voice credits, when I used to use voice credits it really helped!!!!!!

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мȃxiɱum Ƒἶlɱś™ мȃxiɱum Ƒἶlɱś™
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