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By billabong19975
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Published on: 3 Dec 2010

The questions of jay being the true father of Michael are still a mystery. Mom wants to get Michael to get a DNA test to clear up the conflict, so Michael adds a "twist". He says that if Jay is NOT is father, he can't stay, COMMENT AT END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

billabong19975 2010-12-04 18:38:05

I can see how someone would be on both. Michael is very upset, and his mom is pushing and rushing into things, and I can see why you would be on Team Michael. But the mom is just trying to help so Michael wouldn't have to go dad-less. Also she questioned herself after telling him because she was concerned, and she didn't just go and choose a random was someone who she loved and saw that it would be best to choose someone she I can see how you would be Team Mom and, Jay is trying..

billabong19975 2010-12-03 21:30:42

Hey all! Thanks for watching..
Don't forget to comment and tell me what "team" your on!
It will give me ideas

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