Why Senate Bill 744 Sucks!
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Why Senate Bill 744 Sucks!

By MProblem
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Published on: 19 Jun 2013

Senate Bill 744 offers amnesty to illegal immigrants, massively increases unemployment, and will cost American taxpayers six trillion dollars. It's up for a vote as soon as Monday, June 24. Call your Senators today and demand a "no" vote on S. 744.

onedirectionppl 2013-06-24 16:17:26

umm, this is  a serious video.

MProblem 2013-06-22 12:10:56

Hi, thanks for your comments. S. 744 triples legal immigration and also allows family reunification for legalized illegal immigrants; that's were the 33 million total comes from. The CBO (not a "racist") organization, recently estimated that the number of new jobseekers/dependents that S. 744 would bring into the country is 46 million in just 20 years.

Anthony Palik 2013-06-22 00:35:50

What a bunch of baloney.  S.744 does in fact contain all the requirements that this false bit of racist propaganda claims it does not (and they can't mask the racism by using a "colored" person in the video - in fact that just calls attention to the author's shameless effort at masking it).  In addition, the so-called "additional job-seekers" are already here and working.  "Legalizing" makes no difference to the economy except to allow wages to rise, rather than be undercut by an underground economy.

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