Wrath of Spock
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Wrath of Spock

By Alf in pog form
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Published on: 21 Feb 2009

Spock turns against Kirk

ScottyOKC 2009-02-20 03:30:20

Checking out mine and tell me what you think: http://goanimate.com/go/movie/0zuCNkso-d-A?utm_source=emailshare&uid=0BcBaMN-Gbbc

dmac6806 2009-02-14 16:14:19

Wow, who knew Spock was so vicious? I guess revenge really IS a dish that is best served COLD! When you get a chance, please come and rate my Star Trek vids. Thanks!

pyxlboy 2009-02-14 11:01:28

excellent.  I was just thinking about doing the "bilbo baggins" song.

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