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2008 Animators Contest

Wholly Cow, you won't believe how many animations we have watched to select a winner for the contest! Only those created between 7/24 and 10/1 are eligible but even then, the number of animations created is staggering and they all have their own style and humor! It was really hard to compare them... let alone rank them.

We want to thank everyone who has participated. The amount of creativity and talent you've shown is amazing!

So, this is our best shot. Here it is...THE WINNERS!

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At the time Santa vs. Frosty was first released we all felt really exicted in the office. It's Hollywood style movie making applied to GoAnimate. A really cool trailer like you could watch for any big Hollywood super production.
It's dynamic, well put together and just... the winner!
Congratulations to InterrobangUs

Liviu Costache - Alinuta

Go to our watch page, select "All time" and "Most watched". Ejocurigartis is taking half of the space on this page. Although I Pie fought really hard to keep the now legendary "I need to go" on top, he just could not resist Ejocurigratis tsunami of movie views.

RandomGirl - Freakin Boxers

A totally different style than our grand prize winner, Randomgirl's animation shows how animation can be a powerful tool (like video or blogs for example) to tell one's personal stories. This video hits one big target we have at GoAnimate which is to let anyone use animation as a general story telling tool and expand its use compared to traditional animation. As a result, we created a special staff prize to reward such a hilarious animation.

We wish we could highlight everybody who participated on this page. It is obviously not possible but we want to take this opportunity to thank all the users who have contributed on the site so far. Below are some other animations created before October 1st, 2008 that we feel the whole GoAnimate community should watch even if they were not selected as winners.

CyborgMC - I'll Beat your Carcass I don't care who you are...

This animation is entirely custom-made. No GoAnimate asset has been used. It's funny and we really loved it internally even if some thought beating up girls over fruit juices was a bit too extreme... ;o)

syw - suspect vampire Mug shot

A very nice use of GoAnimate assets mixed with custom-made ones. What happens when a vampire gets arrested?

TAT - Life and Times

A simple inspiring animation about life and time... A few in the office had tears in their eyes while watching.

It is hard enough to come up with one good animation, what about the users who have created entire series! We have no prize in this category this time, but that's definitely something we will do in the future. Here are some series we think have to be watched.

etourist - The Bikini Proposal

Is there a need to introduce the bikini proposal. An amazing idea from eTourist that got the whole community laughing... and that made us realize our text-to-speech feature really had to be improved.

creeperkamikaze - Boy Finding Girl Part 1

The first love story on GoAnimate. Very well put together and great story telling. If you start, it is really hard to stop until you know if the boy finally finds the right girl.

Jexx - 1 Night Of The Living Nerds

Everyone just loves a good old kitch horror movie. For the fans, this has to be watched! Somehow did not get the views it deserved on the platform, but this could change!