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Voice over

afolabi70 2011-03-27 03:14:03

How do I do a voice over?

FilmMaker17b 2011-03-27 03:33:26

When you say voice over, do you mean a character talking, or a "voice" talking from nowhere (like an announcer or narrator)?  If you want the second, follow the same directions below, but for options #1 or #2, you can just put any random character off screen or behind something just to get access to the voice menus (there may be another way, but that should work fine).

3 ways I"m aware of to add voices (you can read more on each of these, but here's a summary):

1. Easiest:  Text-to-speech
Click on character, on the left a big menu opens... Choose Text to speech, type in the words, and pick a voice.
NOTE:  You use up one form of limited points every time you do this, you can search the forums for info on this.

2. Second Easiest:  Voice Mic
Make sure you have some kind of mic hooked up to the machine (like a common USB mic).
Click on character, pick Voice mic, hit the red button, say your line, hit button again.  
There's one more obvious button to put voice into the scene you're working on.

3. Hardest:  Use real mic through whatever interface you have, record in your own recording software, save file and then upload it to GoA.  You can then insert into your scene.  It can be tricky unless you're experienced with audio, stick with 1 or 2 above.
Good luck.

afolabi70 2011-03-27 11:44:07

Yeah, I meant voice over having a narrators voices. I have tried to add my voice, but it did not work. Thanks.

FilmMaker17b 2011-03-27 12:31:23

If you want to explain what you tried, I can try to help you troubleshoot.

Did you try something like #2 above or did you not get that far?  My point was that you can use the same simple process for adding voices to characters, just put the character off screen so the audience won't see it, and you get a narrator.