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Text to speech???

WOWZERZZ 2008-12-03 08:08:10

How does the text to speech tool work? and where can I find it in the studio? Do I need a mic?? PLEASE ANSWER!!!

etourist Business 2008-12-03 18:31:04

If it's available site wide then you'd see TTS as a button on every speech balloon control panel (the panel where you control the font style and color etc.). However I suspect it's still in beta testing, in which case it's only available to beta testers.

As someone who is a beta tester and has used TTS I can tell you it's not very good, hence I've only used it on about six of my 30+ animations. You're better off recording your own voice with a mic then uploading that. Even if you're a crappy voice actor you'd get more expression into your voices than TTS can achieve.